US Incorporation Services


Business Incorporation for International Clients

Our International Incorporation Plan was created to provide foreign residents the support and knowledge they need in order to successfully own a US-based business. Our International Incorporation Plan is the most complete business incorporation plan you’ll find, and our price is hard to beat. Crop Filing Express has been in operation since 2001, and we’ve helped thousands of foreign nationals start their businesses without incurring high dollar attorney fees.

Our International Plan includes:

  • Company name availability check (Corporate name check)
  • Company Registration: Preparation and filing of your incorporation documents
  • One Year of Registered Agent service
  • Free: Action of the Sole Incorporator to appoint the board of directors (or members)
  • Free: Publishing Instructions in case it’s required by the state
  • Free: Online access to your filed documents
  • Free: Complete online organizational resolutions package available online
  • Free: Full support
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Optional Services

(Can be added to the International Plan at a very convenient price)

  • Apostille Certification
  • EIN Obtainment for Non-residents
  • Expedited Service
  • International Delivery through FedEx or Similar
  • Certificate of Incumbency
  • Customized Bylaws (or Operating Agreement)
  • Certified Copy of the Formation Documents
  • US Mailing Address

More Information

Thinking about incorporating in the US, but not sure about residency requirements? Check out our frequently asked questions about starting and running a business in the United States.

Cost of Incorporating your Business in the USA

The cost of incorporating your business varies by state and entity. LLCs are often cheaper to form than corporations. Some states charge corporations based on the number of shares they issue, whereas some states charge LLCs extra filing fees based on the number of members the LLC has.


Since 2001, we have assisted thousands of foreign nationals to start their business in our country without having to expend thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees.

Sergei Eliseev

Sunny Games LLC

After surfing numerous sites, Corp Filing Express was just what I was looking for – quick and definitive answers, a wealth of knowledge and resources, exceptional value, and a friendly, professional staff. I felt very comfortable starting my LLC with their guidance. I really appreciate all of the help and support. I always feel confident when I recommend Corp Filing Express because I know the entity will